Celebrate British Flowers Week with Home Grown Blooms

by Bethany Day on June 12, 2014

British Grown Stocks FlowersMonday 16th June marks the start of British Flowers Week, a campaign championed by the New Covent Garden Flower Market to raise awareness of the wealth and variety of home-grown flowers and foliage.

British grown flowers have been enjoying something of a resurgence in popularity recently with more and more people wanting to celebrate the seasons and support British growers. Often scented, British flowers have a charming natural beauty and just-picked freshness that make them a favourite with florists and consumers alike.



Spring flowers one of 2013’s winners

by Julia Bradley on January 5, 2014

Spring flowers have been among the many wildlife beneficiaries of Britain’s weather this year.

A hot July and August helped put memories of six successive poor summers behind us.

But a cool spring also provided a long flowering season for spring flowers, according to the National Trust (NT).


Europe’s rarest orchid rediscovered

by Julia Bradley on December 19, 2013

Scientists claim to have rediscovered Europe’s rarest species of orchid.

The species, known as Hochstetter’s butterfly-orchid, was first discovered in 1838 but had escaped official recognition for almost two centuries.

That is, however, until now. On a trip to the Azores in the North Atlantic Ocean, a team of scientists stumbled across the
orchid on a single volcanic ridge.


Oldest WW1 flower auctions for £6K

by Julia Bradley on December 14, 2013

A First World War flower which has outlived all human veterans of the conflict has sold for over £6,000 at auction.

The oldest surviving poppy from the war’s battlefields went under the hammer at Duke’s auctioneers in Dorchester, Dorset, for £5,200.

The total price paid was £6,200, including premiums.

The last known First World War veteran, Florence Green, died last year, aged 110.


Orchid mantis mimicry ‘attracts prey’

by Julia Bradley on December 6, 2013

Scientists have confirmed that a creature known as the orchid mantis mimics exotic flowers to both hide from prey – and attract victims.

The insect, that features legs which look like petals, has evolved over time to imitate orchids in both shape and colour.

Australian researchers who carried out the research even claim that the orchid mantis is actually more attractive to insects than the genuine flower itself.


Lest we forget: Poppy fields in decline

by Julia Bradley on December 3, 2013

The red poppy, famously a symbol of remembrance for soldiers lost in wars, could soon be lost altogether itself.

According to a new report it has become one of England’s fastest disappearing plant species, vanishing almost entirely from the nation’s fields.

The study attributes the poppy’s decline due to powerful new herbicides and present-day farming methods.


Alternative ways to use flowers in the home

by Bethany Day on November 19, 2013

Flowers in vintage style glass jar vaseFlowers aren’t just for displaying in vases.

We take a look a few ways you can use flowers in the home, to make sure you benefit fully from their beauty and extend their life once their bloom starts to fade.

On the table

Flowers make a stunning centrepiece if you are having a dinner party and want to impress your guests. You can buy ready-made displays or create your own by arranging wildflowers in glass jars, bottles or baskets.



World’s Scariest Flowers

by Bethany Day on October 22, 2013

Dracula vampira orchidThought all flowers were beautiful? Think again! Here are our top 10 weird and wacky flowers that are sure to give you a fright this Halloween.

1. Dracula Orchid

This is one of the freakiest flowers out there. Belonging to the genus Dracula, it has two long spurs that hang down, almost like fangs, as well as a scary monkey face. Yes, it really is as bizarre as it sounds! It only grows in the cloud forests of Ecuador and Peru on the side of mountains, and smells like a ripe orange. Amazing!



Top 10 Pink Flowers

by Bethany Day on October 8, 2013

In October, we are encouraged to think pink in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So why not brighten someone’s day with a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers?

Throughout October we’ll be donating 20% of the sales of any flowers ordered from http://flowers.breastcancercare.org.uk/ to Breast Cancer Care.

Here’s some of our favourite pink blooms to give you inspiration…



Favourite Flowers: What’s New

by Bethany Day on August 1, 2013

The new collection from Interflora is finally here and we can’t wait to shout about some of the beautiful gifts we have to offer.

Whether you’re buying a gift for a birthday, anniversary, as a special treat for yourself or simply, ‘just because’ we have a stunning collection of flowers that are sure to raise a smile.

Here’s a look at some of our favourite flower gifts from the new collection…