Behind the scenes at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

by Bethany Day on May 19, 2011

Chelsea Flower Show BuildThe world’s most prestigious flower show opens on Monday and while the world waits with baited breath to see the design exhibits and show gardens in all their glory, I went behind the scenes to track the progress of our very own ‘A Sense of Perspective’.

Having never been to Chelsea Flower Show I was excited to find out what all the hype was about. I wasn’t disappointed. Even during this final week of build there is a tangible sense of magic in the air as contractors and exhibitors busy themselves with preening and prepping their designs to perfection.

As I dodged the JCBs I could see unfinished exhibits on every corner. Exhibitors were pacing around the Great Pavilion eagerly awaiting the delivery of flowers. There were waterfalls half-constructed, paving blocks waiting to be laid and huge trees on the ground ready for planting. It’s hard to believe that in just a few days time this scene of chaos and commotion will be transformed into a gardener’s paradise.

Build of 'A Sense of Perspective'

Amidst the hustle I found our exhibit space and could see that our team of contractors were in full swing. Having made an early start the staging area was already up and each doorway was being drilled ready for installation. I watched in silence as the guys meticulously measured out where each doorway should stand. I’ve learnt already that there’s no room for error.

First doorway is installedIn the Great Pavilion there’s a shared sense of curiosity as everyone’s eyes are on everyone else, wondering in amazement at their unusual props and exotic flower choices. Seeing the first doorway of our exhibit go up is such a thrill, not only for me, but for fellow exhibitor’s who have gathered to watch. ‘A Sense of Perspective’ begins to take shape.

Within the hour all nine doorways are standing tall. The sheer scale of the exhibit is both impressive and imposing. The clean lines and sharp colours of the design give ‘A Sense of Perspective’ real stand out in the Great Pavilion. ‘A modern piece of art’ someone says. ‘It looks extraordinary’ says another. It seems ‘A Sense of Perspective’ already has that ‘wow’ factor. People are certainly talking…

A Sense of Perspective takes Shape

Already I want to fast forward to Friday. I can’t wait for the flowers to be delivered and see David Denyer at work, bringing each of the doorways to life with bold colours and beautiful blooms. Having spent the day in this surreal environment I returned home full of enthusiasm and inspiration and even more excited about the week ahead.

A Sense of Perspective

Florists in Chelsea

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