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The magic and mystery of our top 10 black flowers

by Stefania Del Zotto on December 2, 2012

black flower arrangement interfloraBlack flowers are mysterious, elegant and seem to come straight from some fairytale world. In reality there are no truly black flowers – most are very dark shades of purple or red.

They symbolise power, mystery, elegance, farewell and goodbye. Often the romantic message of black flowers is a negative one, so these should probably be saved for break-ups. However, a single black flower along with a gift of some sort could be a powerful romantic gesture with a hint of mystery.

A pure black flower is the Holy Grail to all flower breeders. To achieve one would be something truly special.
In Victorian and Edwardian times people used to collect black flowers and would go to many lengths to find the most exotic species.

Take a look at our list of the top 10 black flowers (photo at the top by Design Sponge). Read more >>


Vintage flowers: Ideas from expert florist Sarah Horne

by Stefania Del Zotto on February 16, 2012

Sarah HorneWe got the chance to speak to Sarah Horne, one of our passionate and dedicated florists. She runs Sarah Horne Flowers in Leamington Spa and has come up with some unique and beautiful vintage flower arrangements.



Christmas centrepieces for your festive table

by Stefania Del Zotto on December 16, 2011

Christmas candlesChristmas is fast approaching and with the dinner to prepare, the presents to wrap and the decorations to sort out, you’d be forgiven for letting the festive season creep up on you.

When it suddenly dawns on you that Christmas is just round the corner and you haven’t even started thinking about your Christmas dinner table decorations, don’t panic! Interflora is here to help guide you through the occasion with style and grace. We’ve gathered a selection of our favourite centrepieces and added a few helpful hints for setting your theme around them. Read more >>

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Check out our must have Christmas decorations

by Stefania Del Zotto on November 30, 2011

white and green christmas wreathWhen we decorate our homes for Christmas we do it to make us feel more festive and our homes look fantastic.

There are a few things you need in your home to make it feel truly festive. It’s not just about a huge Christmas tree – there are other fantastic ways of decorating your house for Christmas. Read more >>

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Our choice of the top 10 Christmas flowers

by Stefania Del Zotto on November 17, 2011

white-candles-decoration-christmasFlowers can be a brilliant way to decorate your home at Christmas. They bring a more natural feel to a room’s décor than some ornaments and decorations. You can also use flowers to add colour to the table on Christmas Day and can play a huge part in your festive decorating.

We’ve chosen the top 10 Christmas flowers you should have in your home this year… Read more >>


Elegant and spooky Halloween decorations for your home

by Stefania Del Zotto on October 25, 2011

interflora-halloween-rangeWith Halloween coming up it’s time to start thinking about how you will decorate your home.
Do you want super-scary or would you rather go for something simple that will make the trick or treaters smile?
We’ve gathered the most inspirational pictures of wonderful Halloween decorations we could find (together with ours!) to give you some ideas. Read more >>

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Inspiration for your autumn flower arrangements

by Stefania Del Zotto on October 11, 2011

autumnal-flowersAutumn is so full of rich colours and warm tones that they should definitely be brought into your house to make even the chilliest of nights feel cosy.

We thought we’d bring together a selection of truly inspirational autumn arrangements to give you some ideas when choosing flowers for your home. Read more >>


10 Cool Accessories For Flower Addicts

by Stefania Del Zotto on September 30, 2011

growing-ringWe’ve pulled together a list of great gifts for her and for the flower-loving men in your life.

These lovely gifts are either gardening themed or have gorgeous floral patterns. We’ve tried to choose gifts in a range of prices and to suit all tastes. Read more >>

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The national flowers of the Rugby World Cup

by Stefania Del Zotto on September 27, 2011

rugby-world-cup-logo-2011The Rugby World Cup is well under way and we thought we’d bring you a little bit about each of the competing countries – all with a floral twist. So, here’s a list of countries with a national flower that are competing in the tournament in New Zealand. Read more >>


Exercise your green fingers with Lego gardens!

by Stefania Del Zotto on September 20, 2011

lego-gardens-interfloraFor those of you who don’t have a garden but want to exercise your green-fingered creativity then a Lego garden could be perfect for you. These little gardens don’t take up much space and, if you get bored with them, they are easily dismantled so you can start all over again.

The skills needed in creating a Lego garden could also be transferred to your own garden in terms of where you place large items, roses, flowers and pathways.

Have a look at the images below for some real inspiration! Read more >>