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by Julia Bradley on December 20, 2013

Did you get a smartphone or tablet from Santa? Here’s a guide to some of the best gardening and flower-related apps on the market.

RHS Grow Your Own (iOS) (free)

If you’re keen to grow your own fruit and veg but aren’t sure where to start, the Grow Your Own app from the Royal Horticultural Society is just what you need.

It tells you how to grow the most popular plants, including apples, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes, and enables you to chat to fellow gardeners.
The built-in calendar reminds you when to tend to your plants, highlights problems you might encounter and alerts you when frost or droughts are forecast for your area. It’s an essential tool in helping you to ensure your garden’s well cared for.

FlowerPedia (iOS) (£3.00)

Jam packed with more than 2,800 stunning images of flowers and plants, FlowerPedia is the quintessential guide for flower enthusiasts. It features some of the most exotic and beautiful flowers in the world, and information on around 830 species of plant.

You can search by country or species, and share photos of your own flower discoveries.

Interflora (iOS and Android) (free)

If you’re on the go and want to order flowers, plants or gifts quickly, the Interflora app enables you to browse and buy from more than 70 bouquets and arrangements, and offers you a variety of delivery options.

So if you happen to have forgotten a special occasion, you’ll be able to have your flowers delivered the same day.

intoGardens (iOS) (free)

Part magazine, part app, intoGardens is the first garden publication designed specifically for the iPad. It’s the brainchild of garden designer James Alexander-Sinclair, and offers entertaining features, advice, reviews and interviews.

It doesn’t take itself too seriously either, and will raise a few chuckles as you get inspired in your own garden.

Plant Doctor (iOS) (free)

Caring for flowers and plants isn’t easy, and even the most green-fingered of people can encounter problems. The Plant Doctor lists the most common plant ailments to help you diagnose what’s wrong.

If you can’t get to the root of your problem, for a small fee you can send a request to a plant doctor for diagnosis and treatment options.

National Trust (iOS and Android) (free)

The National Trust app is handy for nature lovers if they’re planning a day out in the countryside or want to visit one of the UK’s prettiest public gardens. It lists opening times, prices and directions, and allows you to search for locations near where you live.

You can also view galleries of places to visit and share your experiences on Facebook and Twitter.

Gardeners Calendar (Android) £1.00

For the more advanced gardeners among you, the Gardeners Calendar app gets to the heart of more complex issues, including soil PH levels, germination temperatures and how much sun or shade particular plants need.

It also has a moon planting guide, which is updated daily. This will help you to maximise growing potential, so you could end up with a giant marrow on your hands.

Flower Arrangement Ideas (Android) (free)

If you have a passion for flower arranging, this app will give you lots of inspiration. Flower Arrangement Ideas features galleries of beautiful flowers, designs and decorations focusing on themes such as weddings, spring, Christmas, centrepieces and contemporary.

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