A Gentleman’s Guide to Buying Flowers

by Charlotte.Barnes on January 23, 2013

Choosing the perfect flowers can seem like a nightmare situation for many men (and women) out there – a minefield of styles, colours, scents, sizes and budgets that just seem to dazzle and confuse us. But help is at hand – we’ve put together a simple guide to lead you through the floral maze and bring you out the other side with the perfect bouquet for your special someone.

And remember, the golden rule for all these suggestions is this: find out your loved one’s favourite flower and you can’t go wrong!

Best on a Budget

Many people will instantly go for roses when sending a bouquet to a loved one but, as beautiful as they are, sometimes there is a better alternative to suit your loved one and your wallet. Your significant someone’s favourite flower may be peonies or freesia instead, which are much cheaper than roses, especially at Valentine’s Day so it is always worth finding out beforehand when choosing a romantic floral gift.

peony bouquet

Best to Impress

All flowers are beautiful in their own way, but if you really want to send flowers that are guaranteed to turn heads on arrival, why not go a little further afield than your regular garden-variety choices? There are some really exotic looking flowers out there and you don’t have to travel half-way across the globe to find them. Local florists will now stock varieties such as Bird of Paradise, Red Ginger and Passion flower, as well as many other fantastic blooms in all shapes and sizes.

Close up of a passion flower

Best for Proposals

This is where the golden rule best comes into play. When you’re asking the most important question of your life, it is vital that the other person knows you are sincere. The best way to ensure this is to show how well you know them by presenting them with a bouquet of their favourite flowers when you pop the question.

Red rose

Best for a Secret Crush

Here is your chance to employ the Language of Flowers and let your secret crush try and guess who their admirer is. The Victorians’ had a complex system when it came to flowers and every variety and colour meant something different. Send a bouquet of yellow daffodils represents chivalry – ideal for the perfect gentleman to send, while white camellias say ‘you’re adorable’. Whatever you wish to say, a beautiful bouquet and a little card with their meaning can be a wonderful mystery for your crush to solve.

Bouquet of daffodils

Best for Modern Tastes

Here, your local florist is your best friend. You probably won’t have a clue as to the latest styles and trends currently popular in the floristry world but they will for sure! Drop by a local florist and you can ask them to show you a range of modern and contemporary designs that will be ideal for your stylish significant other.

Lily and Rose luxury vase

Best for Traditional Style

There is nothing more traditional than a hand-tied bouquet filled with English-country flowers. Your local florist can advise you as to which varieties are in season for the time of year so you’re sure to get something unique and personal for your loved one. In spring, look for primroses and daffodils in particular for a really eye-catching arrangement, while in summer you’re sure to find bouquets with aster and anemones included.

A bouquet of anemones

Best for Apologies

The golden rule applies here too, maybe even more so than the more romantic flower-buying occasions. When you want to apologise to someone you want to show that you are genuine and have thought long and hard about what you did wrong. A bouquet of their favourite blooms shows that you’ve put some thought into your gesture. Equally, there are some flowers that specifically say ‘I’m sorry’ in the language of flowers, such as purple hyacinths, or you could try a combination like daisies, which represent loyalty and love, mixed with chrysanthemums for a burst of colour.

Coloured chrysanthemums

Best for Birthdays

What better way to celebrate one persona’s special day that with a personalised gift of flowers? Most bouquets these days can be adorned with things like ribbons, balloons and accessories that can be personalised with a special someone’s name. Add in the fact that you’ve chosen their favourite flower, colour or scent as well and you’ll certainly be in someone’s good books. Try a hand-tied bouquet of pink and peach roses with a wonderfully sweet scent or a bright combination of mixed tulips for something really eye-catching.

A bouquet of coloured tulips

Best for First Dates

The all-important first date can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. Not only do you need to choose the right flowers for your bouquet, but also the right size, expense and style as well. Do you go modern or traditional, spend a fortune or keep it simple? The trick is to always go with your instincts. If you’re just getting to know each other, your loved one won’t expect you to know their favourite colour or fragrance just yet, so keep things simple. The language of flowers can be a helpful guide here, offering suggestions such as carnations to represent fascination, pansies to symbolise loving thoughts orcolourful lilies to make a declaration of love (if you’re feeling confident!)


Best for Cheering Up

We could all use a boost every now and then and if your special lady is feeling a little down, there is no better time to surprise her with flowers. Don’t just save them for a special occasion – imagine how good she will feel when a bright bouquet is delivered to her at the office or at home. An arrangement of yellow or orange flowers in particular is said to be able to lighten your mood and make you smile, so why not try a bouquet of yellow germini, sunflowers or bright, fragrant freesia?

Yellow freesia


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